Technology & Quality

Services and Certifications

We offer a wide range of services for a great variety of needs from a number of industrial sectors. We have a broad infrastructure base for the production of components from a wide range of materials, as well as a high level of development expertise and a large network of strong partners; therefore, we can provide solutions for a variety of applications.

Production Methods

Committed to Precision

With our extensive know-how in the processing of a wide variety of materials, as well as our large and flexible machinery pool, we have for many years been a reliable service provider for the production of products, as well as specialists for general mechanical engineering and numerous other industries.

We turn, mill, drill, grind, weld, and join both simple classes of materials as well as high-strength materials that are extremely difficult to machine (if at all), such as nickel-based and titanium alloys. We also process CFRP and GRP materials using a wide variety of manufacturing processes and operate our own coating systems for polymer materials.


Simulation and Prototyping

We use the latest versions of 3D design tools and calculation programs, including finite element analyses, based on 3D Autodesk Inventor, ESAComp, and Ansys. For special applications, we use our own analytical and numerical calculation tools in order to minimize development times. By directly integrating CAM software for programming our CNC machines, we reduce the time to product development to a minimum.


Approved Quality

Our quality management system is the reliable basis for our broad range of services. We therefore cooperate with various certification partners for a wide range of applications. For special applications, we work together with our customers on joint quality assurance processes.


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